Voice Coaching

We are so proud to have a great staff of professional Voice Teachers, who no only love to perform live but also treasure sharing their skills in teaching.  Our Vocal Teachers are absolutely dedicated not only to teaching you how to sing, but understanding how your voice is produced. It’s essential to take care of your voice and to recognise how your voice can change depending on the song choice.  Here at the music school we also look at the anatomy of your voice.

Our teachers have a treasure trove of skills developed from years of teaching. We begin our lessons by:

  • Talking to students about their goals.
  • Identifying a student’s voice type.
  • Giving students exercises to strengthen the diaphragm and breathing.
  • Select songs that will best compliment the students voice.
  • Prepare for Exams, Estiedfords or an Upcoming Performance.
  • Our teachers choose age appropriate material for students to sing.

There are some essential life skills that our students will learn during their Vocal Lessons.

  • Singing helps to build confidence.
  • Learning to sing helps develop skills in public speaking.
  • Singing helps to control breathing & assists with projection of the voice.
  • As students learn singing they discover it helps to control nerves.
  • Strengthening the diaphragm & breath control also helps with Asthma.

Developing the voice requires dedication, confidence and a willingness to learn. By about the age of seven,  students have achieved a level of reading, voice control and concentration to start lessons.

We are so proud of our early childhood program, that encompasses our youngest students. This award winning program is curricular based and introduces the youngest family members to the wonderful world of music.    For more information on our Early Childhood Music Program please follow the link.