Age Groups

Iím not too old, am I?
Never! A large proportion of our students are adults. Some are beginners whoíve always wanted to learn (the record thus far is gent in his seventies who took up the guitar!), others are those who used to play who want to get back into playing, and then there are those who never stopped playing but just want to get better.

Iím not too young, am I?
Well, it depends. Through our Kindermusik program we can set you on your musical journey from the time you are born! But when it comes to private instrumental lessons, around the age of 8 years is our general recommendation for starting. Talk to us. Sometimes younger kids are OK with private lessons. But if you decide youíre a bit young for private lessons you donít have to miss out. Check out the Young Child course which is part of our Kindermusik program.

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