How often should I have a lesson?
Practically all of our students do a single half-hour lesson each week. Some of our students do a one-hour lesson each week, but they tend to be more advanced students who are doing a lot of practice. We canít do fortnightly lessons - itís a timetabling headache. But if you are a shift-worker, or for some other reason canít come every week, give us a call. We might be able to work something out.

Can parents sit in on the lesson?
Parents are invited to go in for the first lesson, and maybe for a few more depending on the needs of the student, but after that itís best to leave the student to go in on their own. We find itís less distracting for both the student and the teacher, leaving them to focus on the lesson content.

Can two or three of us do the lesson together?
Everything about our lessons, from studio space and fee structure to the resources and teaching styles our teachers have developed, is designed to cater for the one-on-one approach, and so we donít do anything other than one-on-one lessons.

Do the teachers follow a set curriculum?
There are tried and true approaches to learning particular instruments, and our teachers would mostly use those methods. However it is important to be flexible enough to cater for the individual needs, and so our teachers will take into account the age, ability, temperament and particular areas of interest of the individual student and tailor the lesson content accordingly.

How long do I have to keep coming for lessons?
For as long as you like. When you get lessons with us you are not signed up for any length of time. If you have a few lessons and decide itís not for you, then you can stop. On the other hand weíve had some students who have been with us for many years. Once we have you on our timetable the spot is yours until you tell us you donít want it any more.

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